Selection criteria for the purchase of a steam plant

A steam plant is an ironing tool that is a little more sophisticated than the usual iron. With configurations, performances and characteristics more efficient than the latter, it allows a result twice as interesting in terms of rendering and time of use. To choose the right one, certain criteria should be examined very closely.

Why a steam plant?

Its usefulness Iron, or steamer: these are devices with ambiguous names that perform about the same tasks, from the point of view of simple users. But all in all, depending on their usefulness, advantages, strengths and weaknesses, these tools are different. Ironing is one of the most tiring domestic tasks that occupies a large part of the daily schedule. A steam plant thus makes it possible to reduce this ironing time and obtain more satisfactory results. Its main advantages are Its greatest quality lies in the fact that its use makes it possible to overcome even the most resistant folds, whatever the type of fabric, in no time at all. These capacities are commendable thanks to these many characteristics. First, it is the power of its motor which allows the diffusion of heat during ironing. Then there is the steam pressure and the water flow during the act which ensures the rapid processing of the folds. Finally, there are the various adjustment functions that make it easy to use, i.e. according to demand.

Which type is right for you?

Choosing a steam plant is no easy task. To begin with, it should be noted that there are two types whose choice depends entirely on its use.

The limited autonomy pressurized steam plant

A steam plant has been designed to generate more water vapour at high pressure to humidify and more heat to facilitate the removal of wrinkles. As a result, their water tank is more important than a simple iron. The operation of this first type is as follows: before use, you must fill your tank. Under pressure, the tank feeds the iron until the stock is liquidated, which means that the autonomy depends on the quantity of water available because once finished, it will have to be switched off, replenished and waited a few minutes to be able to reuse it. You can therefore put the tank capacity in the list of selection criteria if this type suits you.

The steam plant with unlimited autonomy

Unlike the first type, the steam plant with unlimited autonomy is much more practical. The tank is removable, which means that it is possible to feed the tank even during use. This water will be heated and steamed and transported through the cordon to the iron. This means that ironing is not interrupted, which saves time. This type is ideal for intensive or professional use. Finally, in general, the best steam generators take only a few seconds to start.

The strong points of a steam power plant

To choose the right steam plant, it is necessary to take a close look at its strengths.

The power

Generally, the power is marked on the packaging of the unit. The steam plant's power range is between 1600 and 2500W. It corresponds to the capacity and speed with which iron and water heat themselves. In other words, the higher this value, the higher the heating rate. You can also occasionally check to see if it also has a thermostat: this option allows you to set the heat to the desired temperature. Otherwise, now, the household appliance giants are helping to produce steam power plants where this type of regulation is automatic, i.e. the temperature is automatically adjusted according to the fabric ironed, such as the Philips steam power plant.

Pressure and flow rate

These two values are important because they ensure the penetration of moisture into the fabric and the amount of water ejected (in g/ min). As a reminder, it should be noted that perfect ironing results in the disappearance of folds on both sides in one pass. The latter is ensured when the fabric is deeply moistened, and when with heat, these folds have difficulty resisting. In general, the pressure value is between 4 to 6 bar and the flow rate is on average 100g/min (for comparison, the XL iron value is 80g/min maximum).

Other points to consider

The anti-limestone system

It is known that limestone is the great enemy of water-powered household appliances. Many manufacturers have equipped their steam generators with a self-cleaning system that allows the automatic cleaning of the entire circuit. Over time, limestone can accumulate in many places, and with this option, devices have been put in place to limit this deposition. To do this, simply press the "self-cleaning" button from time to time.


A steam plant is much heavier and more cumbersome than an iron because it varies between 3 and 6 kg. However, despite its weight and large size, manufacturers are trying at all costs to make it easier to hold so that it is easier to iron with ease in movement. In fact, this is one of the major challenges they face. Some offer wireless devices to avoid twisting... Anyway, in stores, you can always test by doing a test.

Eco mode

Today, it is time to become aware of the ill-treatment that Man afflicts the Earth. Indeed, there are models of steam power plants that offer the "eco mode" option, i.e. it is possible to benefit from its high performance while reducing energy consumption. Two parties’ benefit: your wallet and the environment!
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