Health stones: discover the virtues of lithotherapy

virtues of lithotherapy

Lithotherapy uses pressure points to isolate the nerves of the body various stones have been shown to help the body relax and achieve a state of bliss and restfulness. Pressure points can and will be soothed by employing various techniques.

What lithotherapy involves

It is about Massages, the use of meditation, the cleansing of one’s aura. Lithotherapy has enjoyed a long existence. From primeval times early civilizations have used stones to aid in healing and religious ceremonies. Stones were grounded into powder and drunk as elixirs or mixed with food. Bracelets, necklaces, waistbands that incorporated natural stones were made. Earrings, pedants and rings were also made from stones. Natural stones were also placed in dwellings and were used to ward off evil spirits or treat illnesses and ailments. The Aztecs, The Rajas from India, Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and Confucians of China were known to be exponents of the Lithotherapy. Several civilizations have benefited from the use and knowledge of Lithotherapy. Yoga and Chakra have as their mantra ingrained the importance of stones in the healing, balancing of the body and renewal of the soul. Stones have several healing properties depending on their shape and colour. For further information, you can visit the website

Stones can be crafted into many shapes and sizes and incorporated into natural stone jewellery and accessories. This is a practical way to help your aura and keep your balance. Using stones with incense and in calm serene and sedate surroundings are a surefire way to help open the chakras.

The Chakra system explained

According to the chakra system, the stones have various stone properties that have different interactions with the part of the body used. Clear, white, indigo, magenta or silver stones are ideally meant to be placed on the forehead as the stones properties are linked with spiritual energy and development and help maintain a strong clarity of thought. This stone virtues are achieved with prolonged use. This is the seventh or crown chakra. Stones that are purple or violet are placed between the eyebrows on the forehead. The stone properties help with the production of hormones. It specifically helps the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. It further helps with sleep as it improves the density and cycles of sleep. It helps the brain and assists the development of the psyche and calms the body. Persons dealing with grief and addiction are also abetted. This is the third eye chakra. The throat chakra is located at the throat just above the shoulder blades. The stone virtues assist with thyroid function. Metabolism is improved as is communication, intelligence, and creativity. Natural stones that are used in this area are blue. This is the fifth chakra. The heart Chakra which is the fourth one is located at the centre of the body just above the diaphragm. It is linked with the heart and lungs. The stone help with love and emotions and help ground the soul. Pink or green is the colour used and it helps with the conveying of emotions.

Chakra System incorporating Chi’I

The solar plexus Chakra is located at the stomach just below the sternum. It is in tune with the upper digestive system and it helps with happiness, vivacity and imagination. Stress is combated by applying a stones virtues in this area. Furthermore, it is where all the energies converge in the body. It is yellow or gold. Chi’i is also centred here and the upper centre of it is located here. The second or naval Chakra is located around the navel and it is linked with the sexual and reproductive organs and the lower digestive system. Natural stone help generate happiness and motivation and if not taken care of will multiply stress. Creativity is nurtured here. Chi’i is also located here and the lower centre is comprised of this chakra. The First or Root or Base Chakra is located at the base of the spine near the tail bone. It is linked with the bone structure and the skeleton. It also consists of the bone marrow, the immune system, and the reproduction system as well. This chakra is helpful with the connection to the earth and worldly things and the emotional and physical connection felt to the world. Stones required to enhance this, are deep red, black, grey or brown. Unleashing your energy through understanding chakra and how natural stone jewellery, its properties, and virtues help to improve your health.

The Advantages of Lithotherapy

Litho therapy is important in balancing a person’s aura and ensuring they are in tune not only with their emotions but with the world at large. By using natural stone jewellery healing can be encouraged by using the stone properties to help whatever chakra is in need of it. Each stone or piece of jewellery has a natural effect and impression on the body and health of the person who dons it. Qualities that are lacking can be adequately recompensed by a particular stone depending on the stone virtues it possesses. It is a process that has been there for quite some time. It is a natural process that is believed by so many that are why is popular and helpful.

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