How to dress your little girl for a wedding

Baptisms, birthdays, and especially weddings, it is difficult to find the perfect outfit for little girls for special occasions. Indeed, in addition to elegance, the garment must also be comfortable enough for the little one to spend this day at ease. So, here are some trendy ideas for dressing your daughter for a wedding.

Which wedding dress for a baby girl at a wedding?

There are rules for a marriage. For example, white is reserved for the bride. Fortunately, this rule does not apply to small children. You can therefore easily choose a ceremonial dress for baby girls that will go very well with her diaper. However, if the wedding in question is a little rustic, you are not sure if you will find your dress as immaculate as it was at the beginning of the day, but that is the risk. For more originality, you can also try the ballerina look with the tutu, which should influence other guests. Or try it all glamorous with a flowing dress. For this type of outfit, it is still advisable to counterbalance with accessories so that everything remains innocent and childish.

Girls' accessories for special occasions

To enhance the outfit, ribbons are, for example, perfectly suitable. You can put them in your hair, use them as a belt, tie them to your shoes... Anyway! Anything is possible. Another interesting idea is that rather than placing the usual tiara headband on your head, it would be better to choose a flower wreath. Better still, it is even possible to make the crown yourself with the little one. She will only be happier to wear it on D-Day.

What about the formal wear for a baby boy?

For boys, the important thing is to stay in balance. Not too stuffy, not too relaxed. For this reason, Bermuda shorts are preferable to shorts and pants. A light shirt with a short sleeve will look better than a simple t-shirt, while remaining comfortable. Add a small wool vest and you're done. As an accessory, the bow tie is to be preferred over the tie, which is less convenient for a child. And for the little something extra, add the straps! Style effect guaranteed. Of course, your toddler's look must match the atmosphere chosen for the wedding. For a country theme, a straw hat will be perfect. As for a day dedicated to retro, several styles are possible. For the 1950s, little boys will wear their overalls and caps. For the 1960s, little girls will wear long dresses and flowers. It's up to you, and your child, to let your fantasy speak for itself!
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