Why choose printed microfibre fabric boxers?

Boxer shorts are today THE underwear preferred by men. Trendy and comfortable, it far surpasses underwear and underwear in sales in the men's underwear market. Wearing a boxer is good, wearing a microfibre boxer is better. This type of fabric, which appeared in the 1980s, has many advantages. What are its characteristics? What are its advantages? What are the right reasons to wear a microfiber boxer? Find the answers to all these questions through this article.

What is a microfibre fabric?

Microfibres are part of the textile fibres used in the manufacture of clothing items. Unlike fabric, this type of material is canvas, which makes it more comfortable and flexible. It is distinguished from other types of fabrics by its linear mass, also called titre, which is particularly low. This title is generally less than or equal to one decitex or 1g/10 km. Its diameter is less than 9 micrometres. However, there are super-microfibres and ultra-microfibres that are used to make technical fabrics for certain uses. Their titles may be less than 0.1 decitex. Microfibres are made from synthetic materials such as polyester, polyamide or acrylic. Its appearance is different from that of the fabric. Indeed, the fabric has a much finer weave than other fabrics. This gives microfibres several qualities that make them a first-choice fabric. As a result, microfibre fabrics are generally more expensive than those made of conventional yarns. To save money, some weavers choose to combine microfibres with conventional yarns. This can reduce the quality of the fabric, which still has the same qualities as the microfibre fabric. For more information on microfibre fabrics, visit waxxstore.com/.

The qualities of microfibre fabric

Resistance is the greatest advantage of microfibre fabrics. Unlike a traditional yarn fabric, microfibre fabric cannot be detached. It therefore forms a uniform unit that is very resistant to abrasions, tension and the various external physical aggressions it may undergo. Therefore, microfibre fabric is most often used for clothing and sports and mountain equipment. Microfibre fabrics also have a high-water vapour permeability quality. They are therefore more breathable than conventional fabrics by allowing water vapour to pass through. Used on a boxer, microfibres provide better breathing for the skin, thus increasing the level of comfort. They are also appreciated for their waterproofness. Microfibers do not absorb liquids. Taste them pearl on the canvas. A microfibre boxer will not retain perspiration but will evacuate it more quickly. This type of fabric also provides better heat resistance. The weave remains intact even when the fabric is subjected to high temperatures, which is not the case with conventional fabrics, which can soften. This way, the boxer will provide optimal support in all circumstances. In addition, the microfibres are easy to wash and react very well to rubbing and detergents.

The microfibre boxer: the guarantee of comfort

Comfort is an important factor in the choice of a men's boxer. The models chosen must ensure comfortable wear day and night, whatever the conditions. With a microfibre boxer, you could avoid the inconveniences caused by perspiration. Indeed, when it is hot or when you are exercising, the fabric will let your skin breathe by eliminating the water vapour emitted. Sweat will not be absorbed either. There is nothing more disturbing than wearing underwear that is wet with sweat. Instead of absorbing this moisture, the fabric will let sweat bead along the surface of the skin. This ensures a better wearing comfort. Made of synthetic fibres such as polyester, polyamide or acrylic, microfibres do not contain any allergens and do not harm the skin. Thanks to its very fine weave, it has a soft and silky feel, which is a real quality for an underwear. You will therefore be sure to enjoy the best comfort when wearing. Better yet, you won't have to worry too much about washing your underwear. Indeed, they can be machine processed up to 92°C. Resistant, microfibers change little in appearance as they are washed. So, you will always keep your style by wearing boxers like new.

The ideal sports underwear

The microfibre boxer shorts and the ideal sports underwear. Indeed, its waterproof and breathable qualities are particularly useful when you sweat while exercising. You will enjoy better comfort, but also optimal support. Support is one of the most important criteria for choosing a sports boxer. It is essential that the boxer sticks perfectly to the skin during the exercises. Microfibres provide this optimal support. Of course, it will be necessary to find boxers with the ideal size for your morphology for this support to be effective and optimal. Microfibers have low air permeability. To avoid suffocating the skin too much during exercise, some brands have chosen to add a perforated canvas underneath the microfiber boxer. This inner layer, which comes into direct contact with the skin, also made of microfibres, lets air pass through and allows you to limit heat build-up during your sports sessions. The microfibre fabric is also very resistant to friction. These frictions are very regular and sometimes very intense during exercise. You do not risk tearing it or damaging it quickly when you practice your favourite sports activities. Today, many brands of underwear and sports equipment offer microfibre boxers specially designed for sports. You would have a wide choice in terms of size, design and quality. This diversity of offer will also allow you to enjoy the best prices, as microfibre boxers are generally more expensive than those made of traditional fabrics.

Printed boxers, a real trend

Wearing boxers is not only a matter of comfort. The boxer is currently a fashion piece that allows each man to refine his clothing style. This is achieved through the design, but also through the colours and patterns printed on the boxer. Although microfibre fabric is relatively more difficult to dye and print than conventional fabric, it can be coloured and printed very well. This makes the choice particularly wide. You will find on the market microfibre boxers adapted to all tastes and circumstances. Whether you are sporty, elegant, casual or casual, you will find microfibre boxers that suit your taste, personality and style of dress without too much difficulty. This way, you can affirm your style while enjoying the best comfort in your underwear.
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