The advantages of advertising sites between individuals

Thanks to the evolution of technology and the popularization of the Internet, sales and purchases of second-hand clothing between private individuals are becoming more and more common nowadays. The proximity of buyers and sellers is optimized by the web. As a result, more and more sites and applications offering video-dressings and garage sales are available and are attracting more and more people. It is a concept that has several advantages, which we suggest you discover in this article.

More advantageous prices

Of course, a used clothing item is cheaper than a new one. The prices offered on sites such as are very advantageous. You can therefore make significant savings on your monthly shopping budget by buying a vintage garment online from a private individual. Nevertheless, the items offered are not of poor quality, on the contrary, the advertising sites between individuals are very rigorous on the quality of clothing. This can reduce the site's popularity, and therefore its turnover, if poor quality items are sold there. Moreover, it is generally the case that an administrator checks the publication before sending it to the page to maintain the quality of used clothing for sale. These ad sites are therefore the best way to buy cheap women's clothing. Payments between individuals are generally made in cash, which reduces the risks inherent in online payments and hacking into your banking information. In addition, it saves you any shipping costs. You can also pay by cheque if the seller accepts. In fact, the advantage of private advertising sites is that everything can be discussed in order to find a common agreement.

No commission and no intermediaries

Since ad sites put sellers and buyers in direct contact, there are no commissions and no extra costs (common on online sales sites). Sellers post the item they want to sell directly online and interested buyers can contact them directly. There is no hosting site, no shipping costs or any other type of commission. Between skirts, trousers, shirts, jackets, coats, the multitude of items satisfies more than one, at very competitive prices without shipping costs. In addition, it is possible to filter ads by location to obtain offers in your department. You can thus buy only the clothes offered by people near your home to facilitate recovery. The advantage of these sites is also to offer delivery to your home or to a place of convenience for both parties. According to the agreed terms, you can pick up your item from the seller.

A possibility of negotiation

One of the greatest advantages of sales sites between private individuals is the possibility of negotiating the displayed price. Indeed, buyers can send a message directly to the buyer to negotiate the sale price. Since these are items that have already been worn, this negotiation makes sense. It is then up to the seller to lower or not lower his price, at the risk of not selling his product. Generally, negotiations are not very important. But it is the possibility of lowering prices that appeals to individuals. The products on offer are very diverse, which can encourage the seller to lower his price. The latter may also use the prices of other clothing of the same type as a basis for estimating its items. A private individual can even be a buyer today and a seller tomorrow, which is very practical to optimize his shopping budget. By selling a few clothes that you no longer wear, you can buy other second-hand clothes and save money. On the moral side, it's guilt-free to buy second-hand clothes. This allows you to satisfy your shopping desires at a low budget. You can then resell them to buy more when they are no longer in fashion. Advertising sites between individuals allow you to renew your wardrobe according to the seasons and fashion. This is the very concept of selling your own clothes.

Unusual or rare items

Advertising sites between private individuals can offer new articles in terms of brand, model or motif. Over the years, everyone has collected a significant amount of clothing. Among them may be an item that has not been marketed for a long time. The advantage of sales sites between private individuals is to rediscover its rather unusual items. In the same concept as flea markets, video-dressing sites allow buyers to find clothes that are not available on the market at very competitive prices. This is the case, for example, for the T-shirts of a famous singer group from another decade. To certify the authenticity of some really very rare pieces, you may require a certificate of authenticity, an invoice or the date of purchase. This is a way to prevent the purchase of counterfeit goods. This is not very common for clothes, but perfectly possible in case of rarity. For example, if a seller offers a T-shirt signed by a famous artist, he or she must be able to justify the origin and date of the signature.
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