Choosing the sex of your baby: is it possible?

Girl or boy? Contrary to what one might be tempted to think, few couples are totally indifferent to the sex of their future child. Even if we don't say it openly, as a parent, we all have a small "preference" before the design project has even begun. What if it were possible to choose?

Eat a diet to choose the sex of your baby

What if the container on your plate could help you choose the sex of your baby?  Since time immemorial and according to various beliefs, it is quite possible to control the sex of an unborn child by following a very distinct diet. In practice, how do you set up your menu according to your expectations: little girl or little boy. To start, make sure you adopt this diet at least three months before the expected date of conception. Then, before choosing a diet to have a daughter or a boy, be aware that it is strongly recommended to consult a health professional first. You can easily find them on specialized sites such as

The diet to follow to have a daughter

Do you dream of having a little princess? Choose all the elements rich in calcium and magnesium in your diet. On a daily basis, you can authorize yourself certain foods including dairy products, cereals, fish, white meats, eggs, rice, pasta, bread, honey and sugar. However, you must ban salt, tea, sodas, deli meats, shellfish and fruits (avocado, apricot, banana, etc.) from your diet.

The diet to follow to have a boy

If you want to get pregnant with a little prince, you should choose foods rich in sodium and potassium in your diet. You can authorize yourself certain foods, including deli meats, sodas, salt, sparkling water, chocolate, sweets, coffee and tea. However, be sure to stop eating dairy products, milk cakes, wholemeal bread, spinach and dried fruit during conception.

The Roberte de Crève-Coeur calendar

Your calendar will not only help you identify the most suitable dates for design. Depending on Roberte de Crève-Coeur's method, you can also refer to it to be sure you are pregnant with a girl or boy. And the method is very simple: if you want a little girl, conceive on "pink" days and if you want a little boy, conceive on "blue" days. If this technique has proven its effectiveness in the conception of hens and roosters, it will also show convincing results on the choice of your baby's sex. According to recent statistics, the reliability of this technique is around 97%.

Sexuality to choose the sex of your baby

It is not enough to simply program your sexuality to coincide with a specific date. You must also ensure that the sexual position adopted is conducive to your expectations. Thus:

To have a daughter

Choose positions where the woman is above the man. The mother-to-be must also reach orgasm first. Contrary to what is usually advised, it is not necessary to lie down after intercourse.

To have a boy

To be pregnant with a little boy, favour positions where penetration is deep. This way, the distance travelled by the sperm is shorter. After each sexual intercourse, the woman should lie down for 30 minutes.
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