Children’s fashion: how to choose a quality sweater

Buying a child's sweater can sometimes be a challenge if you choose a poor-quality model. By following a few tips, you can buy a sweater that will last for a few years... If your child doesn't grow too big!

Choose a known brand

If you are looking for a quality sweater for your child and you don't want to make any mistakes, you can turn to brands that already have a certain notoriety and whose reputation for clothing is well established. Many brands specialize in children's clothing while others have developed a special section next to the adult collections. Feel free to buy a Kenzo sweater. The brand has successfully transposed its identity into a children's collection. In general, they ensure that you will find a similar quality for their products. You can of course check the labels and first buy a single item to test its strength and quality. A Kenzo dress, for example, can do the trick by waiting to buy a warm sweater for the winter.

Favouring natural materials

Natural materials are often more expensive, but they make it possible to obtain a quality product. If you are looking for a good sweater, you can check the label for wool or cashmere, for example. It is rare to find a 100% wool or 100% cashmere sweater for children because these materials are considered very fragile and not very suitable for children's activities. However, you can easily find a Kenzo pull containing wool mixed with other synthetic but solid materials such as viscose or polyamide. Generally, the major brands prefer to mix wool with cotton to ensure greater strength. The more natural materials your product contains, the surer you will be that it is a quality sweater. Check for the presence of cotton, wool (if possible Merino wool), cashmere, angora, alpaca or mohair, materials that are known to be soft and warm.

Attention to details

Even with brands like Kenzo pull, you must pay particular attention to details when you buy a product. Before making your purchase, first check the seams of the child's sweater: they must be tight enough and not start to come off in places. Ideally, choose invisible seams. If the child sweater you love has glitter on it, run your finger over it and rub it lightly: if your finger is filled with glitter, put the product back on because it will not hold over time. If you can, use embroidered patterns rather than printed directly on the fabric. These details tend not to survive very long in machine washes. To be sure you are making the right choice, don't necessarily rely on price. There are very good products that are sold at the right price and will last for many years without showing any sign of weakness.
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