Bartering and sale of second-hand clothes for your baby

Finding brand name and quality clothing at mini prices is currently possible thanks to second-hand clothes. Moreover, many mothers prefer to resell clothes too small for their children to be able to buy others. In recent years, several sales systems have been set up to facilitate exchanges!

Is bartering profitable?

Bartering is an exchange of clothes in specialized sites or simply by using social networks. Certainly, it is one of the most practical ways to acquire other clothes for your toddlers, without paying a penny. The disadvantage of these platforms is that the choice is more limited, and each time you send clothing, you normally receive points, to be able to buy on the page. In addition to the fact that clothes are booked quickly, if you are not very lucky, you may pay a high price for second-hand clothes, especially if the service provider adds other additional costs to the price.

What about sites specializing in the sale of used clothing?

It is true that these sites are attracting more and more mothers. Indeed, the principle is simple: Either the clothes are sent directly to a specific address Either the person in charge oversees sending someone to pick them up However, the selection criteria are stricter, particularly regarding quality and brand. These are the fundamental elements. And these clothes must be washed and ironed. If you are interested in this type of sale, you can be recommended a serious site by Internet users. For the follow-up of your business, normally, a report is sent to you via email, Skype, etc., depending on the procedure of the page you have chosen. But be sure that the price will be lower than if you sell them yourself!

And what if I decide to sell my babies' clothes myself?

Many mothers prefer the latter option, because at least they will be sure that their children's clothes will be sold at a normal price. Moreover, you will also be able to participate in garage sales according to your possibilities. However, you will then be forced to negotiate with customers, to publish the ad regularly in commercial sites and social networks. However, whatever way you choose, selling children's clothes can become a very good deal. This will allow you to get rid of those dwarf clothes that clutter the closet, but also to earn some money!!!!!
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